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Pimoroni heatsink case assembly

I recently got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 4 to add to my network thanks to Pimoroni, and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a cooling solution. Pimoroni also offers a heatsink case which both protects and passively cools the computer. Since the Pi 4 runs hotter than previous versions, I wanted to make sure it would have plenty of cooling, and this case was exactly what I was looking for. It gives 10-15 degrees of passive cooling according to their testing!


Custom Windows 10 settings shortcuts

I have to change my proxy settings pretty regularly for work, so earlier this week I researched how to streamline that process a bit. The first thing I found was how to create a shortcut to a particular settings page. It’s relatively easy if you know the URI for the page you want, and there are plenty of lists out there, including this one at Windows Ten Forums. Just create a shortcut and put the URI of the page you want as the location. In this case I’m going to point the shortcut at “ms-settings:network-proxy”