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Macro Pet Portraits

I love macro photography. Something about picking out tiny details that the human eye can’t see is very satisfying, and it opens up whole worlds to explore right under our noses. I also love photographing pets, and while we don’t currently have any pets (we want to wait until we’re able to get a house), my family has plenty to go around. My sister’s cat is particularly photogenic:


The photography break is over!

I am very excited to say that I am finally getting back into my photography hobby! A little while ago I got a great deal on a Sony A7R II, which may be a slightly older camera now, but it’s still a massive upgrade from my first one (even when that camera was fully working). I’m also having fun trying out vintage SLR lenses using adapters.


Why I'm taking a break from photography

Note: while my first camera is still very broken, I have since gotten back into photography with a fancier and (slightly) newer camera, not to mention some fancier, and in some cases, much older lenses.

I got my first DSLR in 2015: a Pentax K-50, the absolute cheapest camera with a large-ish sensor that I could get brand new. It had a lot of features that you don’t always see on a consumer-grade camera though, like a pentaprism viewfinder instead of pentamirror, dual control dials, and weather sealing. It was absolutely the best bang for the buck that I could have hoped for, and it was a stalwart companion for many a hike and concert.