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Don't go squishing my images

I haven’t done much with my website lately; apart from security updates, I’ve been too overwhelmed with work and life to write much this year. And what a year it’s been already! That’s not why I’m writing this post though.

I got the notification to update to WordPress 5.5 earlier this week, so I logged in, did the update, and glanced at a few pages to make sure everything worked okay. Usually it does, but this time, some of the images in my posts were looking pretty gnarly:


Building a Raspberry Pi security camera

Raspberry Pi computers are great for so many low-power applications, hence my obsession with them, and one of the popular projects I’ve read about is making one into a security camera. Home security and automation are topics I’m very interested in, so I went ahead and built a security camera to try the concept out. I decided to use a Pi Zero W for its small size and particularly low power requirements, and I was also able to find what I’m pretty sure is the original version of the Raspberry Pi camera on Amazon for less than $9.


Freeform windows in Android 10

I was very happy to find out that Android 10 ( R.I.P. dessert-themed version names) has support for freeform windows that’s easily enabled. It’s been around for a few years, but this is the first version of Android where you can get at it without using ADB or a third-party app.