I first started writing test-ease as part of a larger software project when I needed a simple way of running a few automated tests. I didn’t feel like installing 275 dependencies to make that happen, so I started creating my own minimal testing framework and later split it out into its own separate package. The result of that is test-ease, a simple, straightforward framework that makes testing smaller projects like mine a lot easier. It’s not optimized for large codebases or complex integrations with this week’s most popular UI framework, but it also adds no additional dependencies and weighs in at a whopping 17KB.

It does support straightforward, explicit syntax for defining tests in a way that encourages self-documenting code. It also supports both global and test-specific timeouts, asynchronous code, error handling, and predicate functions for expected result values.

Feel free to check out the source code on Github or just install it from NPM. Happy testing!