Note: I’m actually starting to switch over to Home Assistant for my smart home stuff. It seamlessly detects our wemos, does a bunch of other stuff really well, integrates it all into one single locally-hosted web dashboard (plus an app), and still runs on a Raspberry Pi. I highly recommend it. This project is still neat, but in terms of sheer functionality and features, it might be time to look elsewhere.

My first smart home devices were a couple of Wemo Mini smart plugs, which I still use to control the lamps in my living room. I got frustrated pretty quickly with Belkin’s Wemo app, and I was pretty sure I could come up with something faster and more flexible. This project is the result of a few weeks of tinkering and researching how these devices work. It keeps track of all Wemo devices on the current LAN and allows local clients to quickly turn them on and off in groups using a simple REST interface.

I use it together with an app called Automate to create a home screen widget which turns the living room lights on and off. Feel free to grab a copy and try it out for yourself!