Basic Protected Lightbox

This plugin provides a very lightweight, minimalist, jQuery-based lightbox for displaying full-size versions of the images from galleries on a WordPress site. It also gives some basic copy protection that should prevent relatively unmotivated image thieves by inserting a transparent overlay over the lightbox and all gallery thumbnails. This will prevent people from copying images in your galleries via right-click or drag-and-drop.

It’s not a true preventative measure, in that someone who really wants to download copies of your images will most likely find a different way, but it is a little more secure than linking directly to the full-resolution versions. Image copying is pretty much impossible to fully prevent aside from just not publishing your work in the first place; this plugin’s goal is to strike a good middle ground.

If you want to see this plugin in action, just go to my photos page. You can also install it from the WordPress plugin repository or dive right into the source code on GitHub!