Freeform windows in Android 10

I was very happy to find out that Android 10 ( R.I.P. dessert-themed version names) has support for freeform windows that’s easily enabled. It’s been around for a few years, but this is the first version of Android where you can get at it without using ADB or a third-party app.


Why I'm taking a break from photography

Note: while my first camera is still very broken, I have since gotten back into photography with a fancier and (slightly) newer camera, not to mention some fancier, and in some cases, much older lenses.

I got my first DSLR in 2015: a Pentax K-50, the absolute cheapest camera with a large-ish sensor that I could get brand new. It had a lot of features that you don’t always see on a consumer-grade camera though, like a pentaprism viewfinder instead of pentamirror, dual control dials, and weather sealing. It was absolutely the best bang for the buck that I could have hoped for, and it was a stalwart companion for many a hike and concert.


New website design!

I’m very excited to announce a new version of my website! This has been a very long time coming, but I have finally redesigned it in WordPress and added a bunch of new content. It will be a lot easier for me to add more on an ongoing basis too, and I plan to write blog posts every so often about my software projects.