About Me

I’ve been writing software since I was eleven years old, and as soon as I discovered it was something I could do, I was hooked. Before that, I liked to build electronic circuits in my room (yeah, I was a weird kid), but I found programming came more naturally, was at least as fun and intellectually stimulating, and I didn’t even have to bug my parents to take me to the store for more transistors.

That early experience with electronics was also very helpful when teaching myself about computers. I believe very strongly that understanding as much as possible about how a system works is critical if you want to be truly good at doing anything with it.

I got into photography as a hobby several years ago as a way to express myself creatively and capture moments to share with others. I have done many different kinds of photography over the years, but my favorite genres of photographs to create by far are pet portraits and macro images. Sometimes I even do both at once.

My interests in photography and computers came together when my family decided to produce a movie and asked me to be the Director of Photography. I was in charge of the camera, the audio equipment, everything else electrical, and data management (we ended up with 20 hours of ProRes footage taking up 1.2TB!). I also tried my hand at editing the first trailer. If you want to learn more, check out the movie’s Facebook page, the teaser trailer I put together, or the other more in-depth trailer. Unfortunately the full movie isn’t currently available for streaming because of cost increases for Vimeo hosting, but I will post an updated link when it becomes available again.