About Me

I’ve been writing software since I was eleven years old, and as soon as I discovered it was something I could do, I was hooked. Before that, I liked to build electronic circuits in my room (yeah, I was a weird kid), but I found programming came more naturally, was at least as fun and intellectually stimulating, and I didn’t even have to bug my parents to take me to the store for more transistors.

That early experience with electronics was also very helpful when teaching myself about computers. I believe very strongly that understanding as much as possible about how a system works is critical if you want to be truly effective at doing anything with it.

I got into photography as a hobby in my mid-twenties. I find it very relaxing, and it’s easy for me to get “in the zone” while I’m creating an image. Sadly, my trusty DSLR had some internal issues and I’m back to just my phone camera for now. Hopefully one day soon I will get back into serious photography, but for now I’m focusing more on my software projects.

My interests in photography and computers came together when my family decided to produce a movie and asked me to be the Director of Photography. I was in charge of the camera, the audio equipment, everything else electrical, and data management (if you’re a filmmaking geek, we ended up with 20 hours of ProRes footage taking up 1.2TB!). I also tried my hand at editing the first trailer. If you want to learn more, check out the movie’s Facebook page, the teaser trailer I put together, the other more in-depth trailer, or even just go rent it on Vimeo!