Why I’m taking a break from photography

I got my first DSLR in 2015: a Pentax K-50, the absolute cheapest camera with a large-ish sensor that I could get brand new. It had a lot of features that you don’t always see on a consumer-grade camera though, like a pentaprism viewfinder instead of pentamirror, dual control dials, and weather sealing. It was absolutely the best bang for the buck that I could have hoped for, and it was a stalwart companion for many a hike and concert.

Sadly, three years later, I started noticing my photos were coming out incredibly dark. No matter what settings I used, the camera couldn’t seem to get enough light. After some online searching and forum lurking, I came to the conclusion that the aperture actuator had failed. It’s a known issue with the K-30 and K-50, and the solution is very intricate surgery on small electromechanical parts inside the camera. I haven’t ruled that out, but it’s not high on my priority list considering how frustrating it’s likely to be.

For now, I’m focusing on work and my own software projects. If I really want to take photos, I have a phone with a very nice camera (for a phone). The best camera is the one you have with you, after all.

New website design!

I’m very excited to announce a new version of my website! This has been a very long time coming, but I have finally redesigned it in WordPress and added a bunch of new content. It will be a lot easier for me to add more on an ongoing basis too, and I plan to write blog posts every so often about my software projects.

MODX worked great for me for a while, but one of the security updates actually broke my ability to save content in the administrator backend. I did a couple of important edits by manually running UPDATE queries, but that’s not a sustainable publishing workflow by any stretch of the imagination. It’s advertised as a more secure CMS, but with some simple plugins and minor customizations, I think WordPress can be just as secure.

I’m excited to share more of my software and write more as I learn my way around. Let’s do this!